A 20-year-old mother is accused of abusing her 1-year-old son because she was jealous and thought his dad loved him more than her.

Lessielee Ann King was charged with felony injury to a child.

The baby’s father told investigators with the Humble police department that he grew suspicious after finding various bruises on his little boy’s body after leaving him alone with the baby’s mother.

The father said on September 18, 2012, there were no bruises on his son when he put the baby to bed. But when he arrived home from work the next morning, he discovered a bite mark on the baby’s right cheek.

According to court documents, when Scott confronted King, she admitted to only sucking on the cheek.

Scott told police he believed King had abused their son at other times before the biting incident. He moved someone into the house to keep an eye on King.

The friend said he did not think King had a motherly bond with the child because she showed no affection toward him. The friend also said he witnessed King slapping the baby on the face, legs and arms, investigators said.

Investigators were also given photographs taken when the child was younger that showed significant bruising on his left eye and right thigh.

When investigators asked King about the bite mark on the baby's cheek, she allegedly said she never meant to leave any marks on her son. She said the toddler’s face was just a little red after she “sucked” and “chewed” on his face.

Charges were filed and her bail was set at $5,000.