Brandi Glanville is getting her own own spin-off dating show on Bravo. I don't watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on a regular basis but I might just have to tune for a couple of episodes.



Selena Gomez will chat with Ryan Seacrest on an E! Special Sunday night at 10:00 on E. She will cover her relationship with Justin Bieber, her new album and her plans to buy her first house.





Rememer the club DJ that said that Justin Bieber spit in his face last week?? He filed a police report which Im guessing a lawsuit will follow.

Remember Emily Maynard from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette? She has her own jewelry line. Check it out.

NIALL from One Direction will chat with Ryan Seacreast this afternoon! 

As a little hello to my former employer (several years ago...) After 30 years Hootie the owl, The Hooters logo has been updated.  I'm old school and will always like the original more. :) Chicken wings, anyone??? ;)