Kelly Clarkson announced on Twitter yesterday that she is expecting a baby!!! She wrote,  "I’m pregnant!!! Brandon and I are so excited! Best early Christmas present ever." She is already been getting some practice in the parenting department with her hubbys kids Savannah, 12, and Seth, 6 and their mom has said that her kids love her and she couldn’t ask for a better stepmother for her children. Yea for Kelly and her family!!

It is official Adam Levine has been named People Magazines sexiest man alive!!!

Jennie Garth and her boyfriend of 3 months broke up over the weekend in Austin. They were there for a Grand Prix race and decided to end it.....I might break up with a guy if he took me to Austin and we went to a Grand Prix many other cool things to do in that town.

Kanye West debuted his new video on Ellen yesterday. Its WAY bad. Kimlooks amazing but its tacky and looks like an entry level radio tv & film students class project. The best part about this clip is that even Ellen has nothing to say about it