Break ups aren't fun especially with social media and all those lovey dovey posts and photos that are there to remind you that of the "good old days." (insert gag reflex here)

Dry those tears....step away from the Ben and Jerrys......ITS OVER!

Its time to rip that band aid, burn those photos (my sorority sisters and I DO have an "official "ceremony but I'll have to get thier permission to share the steps with you) and download the KillSwitch app!!!!!

This sounds like PURE GREATNESS. The app erases that dude or chick that has broken your BIG, BEAUTIFUL HEART from your Facebook page AND they won't even know you did a thing. All that for a buck that they donate to the American Heart Association.

Come on, you can do this!!! YOU ARE GOING TO BE OK.......its time to LET GO TONIGHT!!! STOP LOSING SLEEP....PICK UP EVERY PIECE cause baby YOU NEED NOTHING TO COMPLETE YOURSELF!!! (tell em Katy!!)

WOO HOO!!!! Look how BIG YOUR BRAVE IS!!!!!!


Great job! Good luck! I will get easier. XOXO, Tara