I LOVE looking at other people's social media photos. I think its interesting to see what people feel its important for the rest of the world to know about them. (and I love any and all pics of people's kiddos!!!) It's also interesting to see that most people only really share the fluffy and shiny photos. (I actually have a friend who must "pre-approve" all the photos that we take of her before we post them.) 

This morning I am loving Olivia's blog post about being honest with her social media posts. She's ADORABLE and spends LOTS of time posting pictures about her fun & young & exciting life. She decided to be honest about what is really going on in her pics. I love it!! 

So a little sharing from me.

This is where I am right now....our BEAUTIFUL & BIG FANCY 102.9 Now Studio!

What It Looks Like I’m Doing… 

Living the life, running a big fancy radio board with lots of intricate bells and whistles and doing it LIKE A CHAMP! ;) What you can't see is during the songs I do lots of squats and situps cause I am the queen of fitness. ;)

What I’m Actually Doing/Thinking…

Yep, there are LOTS of confusing buttons. If you look closely you can see the 13 notes that remind me how to do my job. (some on the bulletin board in the back and several next to the buttons on the board) LOL

Oh and look right there in the bottom of the photo. LOOK at my "breakfast of champions" My protein bar and banana AND an ice cold Coca Cola. Yep, I have one every morning cause I get up UBER early and "need" that caffeine to wake me up. Those squats and sit ups help me wake up AND are necessary to work off all that sugar that comes in my morning Coke can. ;)  


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