I LOVE Mommyhood. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!I literally get butterflies in my tummy when I get home from work and see my girls. BUT, I spend LOTS of time LOTS thinking about all the things that I think I don't do correctly......Welcome to my house there is ALWAYS one stack of folded clean clothes that needs to be put away. ALWAYS!

So I am working on being the mom that celebrates the fact that I got them washed...until I hear "mommy, Im out of clean socks!"EEK!

I imagine that every other mommy on the planet has a perfect system where every stitch of laundry is done, all the meals are planned and their children always put their toys away.

I know she exists BUT today Im thankful that KATE BAER is a mommy like me! :)

Happy Friday moms & dads....go make a mess with your kiddos and HAVE FUN!!