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Looks Like Not All Kids Are Loving Summer Camp

When it comes to summer camp as a kid, you fall into one of two groups: the ones who LOVE camp and can’t wait to either go or go back, and the ones who would rather have detention for a...
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The Mommy Music Video You Must See...

  Snooki from The Jersey Shore has a new music video out and well, its all about being a "Yung Mommy"  Some things you just have to see for yourself...    
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Be On TV With Brian!!!!!

Brian from The Bert Show will be taping an episode of Laughs On Fox, Wednesday, August 17th at Hyena's Comedy Club in Fort Worth! He would LOVE for YOU to be there!!  Click here for...
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The Bert Shows Guilty Pleasure Songs

We KNOW we all have them…but that doesn’t mean we want OTHER people to know we have them. You know the feeling: when you’re rocking out with everyone listening…and...
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Bert Remembers Ms Cleo

If you watched any TV at all in the ’90s, then you remember Miss Cleo, the psychic hotline pitch woman with the Jamaican accent and the classic catchphrase, “Call me now!”...
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The BEST Dating Advice Comes From A 9-Year-Old

Need dating advice? Bert’s 9-year-old son is actually REALLY good at the advice, even when the scenarios start to get REALLY weird, involving Kristin and Cassie and one of them going after the...
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The One That Got Away Update: She’s Looking For Him, But He’s Looking For A Different Girl

He was an employee. She was the boss’s daughter. And after they kissed for the first time…her dad was NOT having it. A little while later, he and her dad got into a business argument, and he...
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We Can’t Believe We’re Admitting To This

We KNOW we all have them…but that doesn’t mean we want OTHER people to know we have them.
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The One That Won’t STAY Away: There’s A Very Fine Line Between Creepy And Romantic

Our Intern Macie woke up one morning with a really weird present (if you can call it that?) on her front porch.
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His iPhone Scored A Date For Him…And It Could For You, Too

How long could you go in a texting relationship without any original thought on your end, but JUST using predictive text on your phone?
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