Fantasy Football 101: Falcons Quarterback Matt Ryan’s Wife Has Tips For Newbies

Football season: you either love it, or you can’t wait for it to be over so you can claim your TV back. If you’re new to Fantasy Football – maybe your significant other is SUPER into the game and you want to be able to talk football shop with them more, or maybe you just got invited into your first league and have no clue how to get started.

Lucky for you (and Cassie, who’s totally clueless when it comes to all of it), we’ve got a wealth of knowledge in Kristin, who has been super successful with her fantasy football lineups the past couple of years, and special guest Sarah Ryan, who’s the wife of Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Matt Ryan.


1. Go online and print out a fantasy football player ranking sheet. They rank the guys from who should be the first pick, to who should be the last pick. Total cheat sheet. Use it, and don’t feel bad about it…it really isn’t cheating.

2. Don’t draft the Quarterback first. Go with Running Backs and Wide Receivers first, because they get you the most points throughout the season.

3. Next draft tight ends. THEN you get your Quarterback. Kicker and Defense – draft them last.

4. You have to stay in the game. There will be ‘bye’ weeks where certain players won’t play, so you need to switch people from your ‘bench’ in. AKA, throughout the season, you need to pay attention to your lineup.

There are SO many tips online from rankings, players to avoid, projections – and we’re not being sarcastic here, but Google it and you’ll find some GREAT tips. If you want to start a league, check out ESPN’s Fantasy Football Online Leagues – they make it easy.