Want To Be A Part Of Bert’s Weight Loss Experiment? Contact Us Here!

You need to get healthy and lose weight, but you have ZERO idea how. You don’t have the money for a trainer…and you wouldn’t even know where to start in the gym in the first place.

When it comes to eating, you don’t know a good carb from a bad carb. And there are good fats? WTF? You’re joking, right?

If this sounds like you, we want to talk to you!

Bert wants to do an experiment: He wants to see if a person that has no money and NO knowledge of working out, health, fitness, or nutrition can actually lose weight from learning the basics themselves. Yep, this will require you doing research and teaching yourself about health and nutrition, but you’ll help us put together a “Getting Healthy 101″ for the clueless person.

We want to check in with you weekly and see how you’re doing – are you interested? Let us know!