Plead The 5th: We’ve Got Five SUPER Uncomfortable Questions For Bert, And He Can Only Skip One

We’re taking a page out of “Real Housewives” creator Andy Cohen’s book from his late night talk show, “Watch What Happens Live.” When he has a celebrity on, he gives them THREE questions, and they’re only allowed to skip ONE – a.k.a. “Pleading the 5th.”

Well, we’ve brainstormed five super uncomfortable questions, and today, Bert’s on the hot seat. He’s allowed to “Plead The 5th” on ONE of them, but that means he HAS to answer the rest…without knowing what they are in advance.

1. You work with three people who are in relationships, but are not married. Which one of them will break up first?

2. Your sons, Hayden and Hollis, are drowning, and you can only save ONE of them. Who do you save?

3. The name and relation of the last person you had a sexual thought about. It can’t be a celebrity, and it can’t be your wife, Stacey.

4. Why do you think the internet thinks you and your wife Stacey, are swingers?

5. If you had to remove ONE person from The Bert Show, who would it be?