The Internet Is Mad and It’s All Blake Shelton’s Fault

There are always complaints when “People” unveils its Sexiest Man Alive, but Blake Shelton seems to be getting more backlash than the average winner, and the complaints basically fall into three categories:

The First:  He’s just not sexy enough.  As one woman put it, “Blake Shelton might be the sexiest guy at a San Fernando Valley country club-turned-strip mall, but that’s about it.”

The Second:  There are plenty of sexier guys, especially IDRIS ELBA.  One person tweeted, “I can’t believe Russia thought Blake Shelton was the Sexiest Man Alive of 2017.  Also, maybe Idris Elba should’ve campaigned more in Michigan and Ohio.”


Someone else said, “Blake Shelton is People’s Sexiest Man Alive because apparently Idris Elba, Chris Evans and Jason Momoa fell off the planet last night.”


The Third:  His sketchy Twitter history.  Years ago, Blake used to try to make jokes on Twitter, but they often fell flat, because people found them racist, misogynistic, or homophobic.  Three quick examples:

“Question for my gay followers:  Are Skittles y’all’s favorite candy?”

“Sooo…I just figured out a great excuse for my sick fantasy about Dakota Fanning.  I thought she was Amanda Seyfried.”  (He posted this in 2010, when Dakota was 16.)

“Wish the [D-head] in the next room would either shut up or learn some English so I would at least know what he’s planning to bomb!!”

He apologized for that stuff, but you can see how the magazine’s decision would rub some people the wrong way, especially in the current climate.  One A-hole even made it POLITICAL, saying, “Blake Shelton being Sexiest Man Alive is the direct result of Trump’s America.”

On a related, NON-political note, somebody at just pointed out that Blake’s signature photo pose appears to be holding the back of his head with one hand.


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