EBuzz Bites From Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran And More


 ED SHEERAN thinks his next album will be his lowest-selling yet.  (Full Story)

BEYONCÉ’S people made a Brooklyn brewery stop manufacturing their “Bieryoncé.”  (Full Story)

 Comedian HANNIBAL BURESS was arrested in Miami for “disorderly intoxication”.  (Full Story)

Could there be a legal battle brewing over whether or not CARRIE FISHER’s dog should be used to help preserve her memory?  (Full Story)

Another woman has accused DUSTIN HOFFMAN of sexual harassment years ago.  (Full Story)

 Remember singer / model SAMANTHA FOX from the ’80s?  She claims that the late DAVID CASSIDY tried to sexually assault her in a bathroom in 1985, and she kneed him in the crotch.  (Full Story)

CAMILA CABELLO ripped her pants during a show at Madison Square Garden.  But at least she had a sense of humor about it.

 LINDSAY LOHAN held a ginger symposium with ED SHEERAN.

Even celebrities do annoying couple things.  Like KALEY COUCO and her fiancé.


“Saturday Night Live” tackled sexual harassment in two skits:  One involved a department store Santa, and the other was about harassment in the workplace.


 Check out a new trailer for STEVEN SPIELBERG’s “Ready Player One.”


Some guy figured out that the origin of the phrase “That’s gonna leave a mark” was the movie “Spaceballs” in 1987.  (Full Story)

Sorry, “Stranger Things” fans, season 3 probably isn’t happening until 2019,  but here’s an extra-long Bad Lip Reading video to tide you over.  It’s actually done like an episode of a sitcom.


 Check out SIA’s latest Christmas video, “Ho Ho Ho.”