The Bert Show: This Eye-Opening App Is Ruining Our Lives



Don’t worry, you’re not addicted to your phone.  Obsessed is more like it. A new study found the average person unlocks their iPhone 80 times a day.

If you assume there’s 15 hours between when you start using it in the morning, and stop using it at night, that means you check your phone every 11 minutes and 15 seconds.

And while we’re dumping crazy phone obsession stats on you, another survey found that the average kid today will spend six YEARS looking at a phone or tablet screen before they turn 18.

That’s one-third of their life.  Think about that for a second.

We all downloaded the “Moment” app to track our phone usage…and the results are EYE opening. EYE OPENING.

Here’s the MOST time we spent on our phones in ONE day. 

Bert’s highest number for one day? 6h 9 minutes! Davi: 6h 8 minutes Cassie: 5h 11 minutes But Kristin wins…with 8h 17 minutes!!!

Click here to listen to app chat.

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