Cops Arrested a Guy Who Traveled to L.A. to Be With Miley Cyrus


Police arrested a guy who traveled from Milwaukee to L.A. to be with Miley Cyrus.  And it’s a good thing they did . . . because he said some crazy things on Facebook before he made the trip.

Like this:  “I got your address like you insisted.  I know which way to enter and thank you for getting rid of Liam . . . For those of you who are not Freemasons you will never understand.  This is how we fall in love . . . I don’t need medication.”

He also talked about having to complete the “most horrific act” in order to “create a new world.”

Someone in Milwaukee reported this stuff to local police, who called the LAPD.  The man is now being held for psychological evaluation.  (TMZ)

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