EBuzz Bites From Kanye West, Sarah Jessica Parker, Camila Cabello + More

Sarah Jessica Parker



KANYE WEST returned to Instagram yesterday, with a Valentine’s post for KIM KARDASHIAN.  He also posted dozens of pictures of celebrity couples …most of whom aren’t together anymore.

SARAH JESSICA PARKER says her “feud” with KIM CATTRALL never happened, because she never responded to Kim’s “hurtful” comments.  (Full Story)

CAMILA CABELLO is hitting the road in April.  (Full Story)

TOMMY LEE used Instagram to announce his engagement to Vine star BRITTANY FURLAN.  He’s 55, she’s 31.  (Here’s more info.)

 Here’s what some of the most popular celebrity couples would have looked like if they were together in high school.

JORDIN SPARKS is happy to show off her baby bump in a bikini.

Now that he’s Lando in the Han Solo movie, DONALD GLOVER is officially an action figure!

STORMY DANIELS thinks PRESIDENT TRUMP’s attorney broke their non-disclosure agreement, so now she’s free to talk.  (Full Story)

The Millennium Falcon looks different in “Solo” than it does in the other “Star Wars” movies.  There are reasons.  (Full Story)

JANET JACKSON posted a video thanking her fans for the “Janet Jackson Appreciation Day” they held on Super Bowl Sunday.  (Full Story)

At a recent charity event, a band that included Brandi Carlile and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith played “Personal Jesus” . . . with Eddie Vedder on tambourine and Will Ferrell on cowbell.  (Full Story)

PARIS HILTON released a “new” single yesterday called “I Need You.”  But it’s not really new.  She recorded it as a demo at least 10 years ago, and it’s been floating around the Internet ever since.  (Full Story)

Not surprisingly, tons of celebrities reacted on social media to the school shooting in Florida.  (See them here, here, and here.)

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