EBuzz Bites From Katy Perry, Chris Hemsworth, Jennifer Aniston + More

Katy Perry @ Verizon Arena 1.12.18



It sounds like KATY PERRY and ORLANDO BLOOM are back on.  (Full Story)

CHRIS HEMSWORTH might star in the new “Men in Black” movie.  (Full Story)

“Black Panther” has surpassed “Wonder Woman” and “Toy Story 3” at the box office.  (Full Story)

LOUIS C.K. resurfaced in New York yesterday, taking a walk with PARKER POSEY and her dog.

KRISTEN WIIG is in talks to play the villain Cheetah in “Wonder Woman 2”.  (Full Story)

JENNIFER ANISTON was spotted leaving COURTENEY COX’s place.

Speaking of Jennifer, a “source” says JENNIFER ANISTON and JUSTIN THEROUX still talk all the time.  (Full Story)

BRAD PITT is joining LEONARDO DICAPRIO in the cast of QUENTIN TARANTINO’s next movie.  (Full Story)

TROYE SIVAN says he would have loved to have played Oscar nominee TIMOTHEE CHALAMET’s part in “Call Me By Your Name”.  (Full Story)

Check out a non-X-rated portion of AMY SCHUMER’s wedding vows.

CHRIS HEMSWORTH is “brainwashing” his kids by making them watch “Thor: Ragnarok”.

SOFIA VERGARA helped a boy from her native Colombia get a much-needed bone marrow transplant.  (Full Story)

KEVIN SMITH has returned home from the hospital.  (Full Story)

EVAN RACHEL WOOD spoke to Congress this week in favor of a sexual assault survivors’ bill.  And she told them she’s been raped twice . . . and was tortured during one of those incidents.  (Full Story)

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