49% of Americans Say Ross from “Friends” Shouldn’t Have Slept with Another


 It’s official, America is divided on everything.

It’s been over 20 years, but we now have a verdict:  According to a new survey on the show “Friends”, 49% of Americans think Ross was wrong when he slept with Chloe while he and Rachel were “on a break.”

31% said that sex with someone else during a break is acceptable, and 21% said they “didn’t know.”

Men were the most torn.  39% said that it was acceptable, 39% said it wasn’t, and 22% said they didn’t know.

A whopping 58% of women said that it wasn’t acceptable, while 23% said that it was, and 19% didn’t know.

Generally speaking, 69% of Americans have watched at least a few episodes of “Friends”…with only 28% saying they’ve never seen it.  Most of the people who haven’t seen it are between the ages of 18 and 24, or older than 55.

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