A Minnesota Congressman Wants to Ban Arie from the State



1.  Minnesota State Representative Drew Christensen was so mad about what Arie did to his fellow Minnesotan Becca, that he’s drafting a bill banning Arie from the state.

He actually floated the idea in a Tweet, saying he’d do it if he got a thousand re-Tweets.  He got almost 11,000.

2.  At least 16 anti-Arie billboards have gone up in California and Becca’s home state of Minnesota.

3.  Zach Braff isn’t happy about his resemblance to Arie.  He Tweeted, “I don’t wanna look like this [effer] anymore.”

4.  Before they were on “The Bachelor” together, Lauren actually met Arie once before…at a race.  He even took a picture with her.

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