Time To Gear Up For Easter

posted by Tara -

As you concentrate on getting the green food coloring out of your clothing, its time to start planning your Easter celebration!!! 

The shelves are popping with peeps so have some fun:

Peeps driving a Twinkie car are totes ADORBS!!!!!

Peep Kabobs will look SO cute on your Easter buffet!!!

Who's up for Peep Smores??????

Mix up a batch of messy fun with Peeps playdoh!

This Peep bouquet would be THE perfect centerpiece for your kiddo table!

Big kids can have fun with Peeps too!!!

Peep cocktails anyone???

A Fort Worth Brewery has created a Peep Beer WITH glitter. 


I ADORE these Rice Krispy nests!!!!

Jelly Bean Sugar Cookies!!!



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