Fans Think Vogue Body-Shamed Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson appears on her first-ever cover of Vogue Australia for their latest issue, but some of her fans feel that the photo of the actress the magazine chose to grace the front of the edition actually body-shames her. In her interview with the mag, Rebel says appearing on the Vogue Australia cover is something she "never would've thought... would be added to my life." On the cover, the Australia native appears laughing in a black gown and an oversized coat. Some commenters were quick to judge the pic, while others called Rebel out for photoshopping, but Rebel just as quickly shut them down and in doing so, proved the magazine right for calling her "the definition of a modern woman: switched-on, unafraid, and empowered."


Fans claimed Vogue was hiding Rebel's curves with comments like "This is a summer shoot and they drown her in that trench coat" (note: it is winter in Australia), and "You don't need that giant coat to cover up your beauty." Others recalled that this isn't the first time a magazine has done something like this - in 2013 Elle put Melissa McCarthy on their cover, but had her wear a bulky wool coat. 


Then there were other followers who felt totally different about the pictures, claiming that they were photoshopped because of how thin Rebel looks. She responded to those critics by showing an original photo from the shoot and putting it next to the one in the magazine, proving that it had barely been altered. She also explained that leading up to the shoot, she had been exercising and eating healthy.


People just need to let Rebel be how she wants to be. 

Photo Credit: Getty


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