Lady Gaga Signals 'New Era' With Bizarre Photoshoot: See The Pics

Avanté-Gaga? These disturbing images may be the beacon of a new age for our Mother Monster.

On Wednesday (August 15), Lady Gaga had her Little Monsters gagging when the "Born This Way" singer posted a trio of distorted portraits depicting her in contorted forms and baring tons of skin. 

In one of the snaps, directed and shot by Eli Russell Linnetz, the 32-year-old performer poses on her backside with her nose stretched in a pointed contour. A nearly-nude Gaga is hunched over in heels with a blown-up bust, svelte waistline, and an elongated jaw in another image, whereas the third and final photo portrays the star sporting metallic, claw-like cloves and an animal mask covering her, ahem, you know what.

Check them out below:

Since their release, Gaga's fans have been praising the musician's new era snaps on social media. One such fan even suggested the pics were a sign her sixth album is on its way. "Even if it’s for V Magazine, these can still be used during the new era!!" the user tweeted. "Her shoot 2016 for V Magazine also seemed to be for Joanne because she kept her style for the shoots. This new era is going to be so fantastic."

It's a good yet dubious guess since she's remained elusive in offering evidence of new music lately.

Still, it isn't too much longer before fans receive their next Gaga fix. She stars opposite Bradley Cooper in the reboot of A Star Is Born on October 5 and kicks off her residency in Las Vegas starting December 28.

Photo: Getty Images