Ariana Grande Slays 'Carpool Karaoke' With James Corden: Watch

Ariana Grande's appearance on James Corden's Carpool Karaoke may be the best yet.

In Thursday's (August 16) karaoke sessions, the 25-year-old and the English comedian take a drive through town while grooving and harmonizing to the sounds of Grande's most infectious hits, including "Side to Side," "Dangerous Woman," and her newest ethereal banger, "God Is a Woman." 

Throughout the 13-minute clip, Grande gives her legendary Celine Dion impersonation, tries and laughably fails to teach Corden how to perform a vocal run, and talks of her strange fascination with a certain shark movie as a child. Later on, the star's asked to address a few insane myths that have followed her — like that she's pregnant (which she's not) and that she likes being carried by her staff.

"There was a picture of me being carried by my tour manager because I had just shot a video in pointe shoes," she explained. "And I posted it 'cause I thought it was cute. Like my toes were bleeding. I was like in pain and I was like oh, cute, thank you, like whatever."

"No, that's so stupid!" Grande says wryly as the two make a pit stop at a local Starbucks. Only then does the 39-year-old host offer to carry the songbird into the coffee shop to give her the hilarious royal entrance we never knew we needed. "Hello, I'm Ariana Grande. I must be carried," the Sweetener singer tells a customer before ordering a soy latte. (What size? Grande, duh!)

Watch Ariana Grande's Carpool Karaoke below:

Photo: YouTube