Man’s Mid-Flight Proposal To Flight Attendant Gets Her Fired

A proposal that went viral has had a bad ending - even though the woman, a flight attendant, said yes to her groom-to-be. The woman, who works for China Eastern Airlines, was shocked a few months ago when her boyfriend proposed to her as during a flight she was working. Video of the sweet moment, which went viral in May, shows the man kneeling in front of his girlfriend with a ring, then standing and bowing in front of all the other passengers who are watching the proposal unfold. Most people who saw the clip found it endearing, but the woman’s bosses did not. They fired her, and the reason they used for giving her the axe is pretty harsh.

According to a Chinese news report, the flight attendant got a letter from China Eastern dismissing her, explaining how she “had ignored the safety of passengers” when her fiancé got on one knee. They added that her “private romantic behavior caused turmoil among passengers," though they didn't describe how. 

It seems like the nearly newlyweds are starting in bad times instead of good, but the bride-to-be has the support of everyone and will be sure to find a new gig in no time.