Texas Fishermen Catch Rare, All-Black River Monster: 'Freaking Scary'

Photo: Getty Images

What would you do if you came across a rare, all-black "river beast"? For Texas fishermen Justin Jordan and Terrell Maguire, it was a "freaking scary" experience.

Jordan, a fishing guide in southeast Texas, said the creature they caught was a "very rare" melanistic alligator gar, according to Newsweek. The fish was about 5 feet long, although the species is known to reach "enormous lengths." Jordan shared several photos on his Facebook page that show the jet-black creature thrashing around in the water. "Well… me and terrell found out melanistic gar do exist yesterday..," the post was captioned.

Newsweek reported alligator gar are rare as it is and are typically a dark green-ish color, which makes black ones even rarer. Black alligator gar are pretty much a mystery beyond that, since scientists haven't been able to document their population in Texas rivers.

See photos of the rare creature below:

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