"DC Is Blind" Is About To Be Your Newest Quarantine Obsession

If you've completely binged "Love Is Blind" and are looking for more content to keep you occupied during quarantine, look no further than Facebook. From the local creator who brought "Pitch A Friend" to DC, Beth Cormak, owner of a DC-based marketing company was looking for a way to bring something to her clients during quarantine. She decided to create DC's very own "DC Is Blind" season, where participants are sequestered in a pod while finding love via Skype dates. Similar to the series, those looking for love will not be able to see their interests. Viewers can opt in to the series by Venmoing $5 to get access to the Facebook group to watch all of the drama unfold.

Beth says she hopes that after quarantine is over, she can use some of the funds raised to get gift cards to local restaurants for matches to go on in-person dates.

You can listen to Beth break down what we can expect:

dc is blind

For more info, check out their Instagram, @dcisblind.

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