What Do You Think The Dirtiest Thing In Your Purse Is?

Photo: Getty Images/Mukhina1

Have you ever been in a hurry, and while looking for your wallet in your purse you put your credit card in your mouth? If you do, you might want to think twice about this because there is a research study that shows just how gross this is. According to a study byLendEDU, our credit/debit cards are actually the most bacteria-covered thing in your purse. Even dirtier than your cash, so you for sure don't want to put that in your mouth.

So how dirty are we talking? The card that LendEDU tested was filthier than a door handle at McDonald's and a NYC subway pole. The researchers also found the backsides of the cards were way worse than the front, which makes sense becuase that's the part that touches more surfaces. The study gave credit/debit cards a germ score of 285, compared to cash at 160 and coins at 136. For reference, a Penn Station bathroom has a germ score of 165, which is way less than credit cards. I feel so gross right now.

There is some good news. You can clean your cards pretty easily. Give them a wipe down with a cleaning wipe from time to time.Now off to get some hand sanitizer

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