Dak Prescott Invites Police Officer Who Is A Cowboys Super Fan To Dinner

Last Thursday wasn't just any night out for Dak Prescott. Yes he was having dinner out with friends, but he invited one superfan to join his table.

Dallas police officer Jaime Castro was working security at the restaurant and Prescott invited him to the table for a conversation about police work.

"He had some really good questions about police work and what he can do to unite the Dallas police department and the community of Dallas," Castro said. "He wants this to be a model for the entire nation."

Castro, a Dallas police officer for 20 years, also serves as a vice president for the Dallas Police Association. Turns out he's also a huge Dallas Cowboys fan, often on the sidelines in fun outfits to rep the team. He was very excited to meet Prescott, saying, "Here's the perfect example of how we can find a common ground through sports and start talking about how we can make our community better."

He described the chat further, saying, "We talked about the importance of counseling and making sure we have mentally stable officers because that's what the community deserves - a healthy, stable officer. One thing he thought was really important was having officers at schools. He remembered his officer who was at his school when he was growing up. His resource officer and him had a really good relationship and it meant a lot to him."

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Photo: Getty Images

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