Will These Couples Last Past Summer 2019?

Summer of 2019 blessed us with some hot celeb unions, so I wanted to run through a couple of them. Plus, we need to decide if we think they will last into the Fall and possibly 2020!

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello...these two had a PDA-filled summer and a hot HOT duet that dropped! These two were ALL over each other this summer. Do we think they will stand the test of time?!

Lady Gaga and Dan Horton...This is her engineer that she was spotted making out with in public in Studio City. To me this can go either way. Either the guy she needed to be with was right under her nose all along and these two are gonna get married. Or this was a rebound after Christian and it will fizzle quick.

KJ Apa and Britt Robertson...From "A Dog's Purpose" to Comic Con make-outs, I am MAJORLY here for this couple. I seriously ship it SO hard! I really hope they last for a while because I love this union SM. Oh, and zodiacally they are a great match.

Dua Lip and Anwar Hadid...I think this was a summer fling, ti will fizzle out if it hasn't already IMO.