Seacrest Helps Judge Five Dudes' Roommate Holiday Decoration Competition

Taking Ryan Seacrest back to his Park Point apartment complex days! A caller who lives with four other dudes asked Ryan Seacrest to help judge their house holiday decoration competition and it brought him back to his one-bedroom apartment days where he lived with BFF Mark Tannaz.

The caller, Sean, a 22-year-old, lives in a house with four other guys and each Christmas they hold a holiday decorating competition, where each roomie is allowed to spend up to $25 for their designated space/room.

The bro-mies (bros that are roomies, see what we did there? 😉) range from age 22-26-years-old and the spaces consisted of the front yard, living room, kitchen, and game room.

Listen back to the audio above to find out which room Ryan picked and for some solid roommate nostalgia.

The front yard:

The kitchen:

The living room:

The game room:

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