Should Sisanie Steal Back Her Bougainvillea From the Neighbors?

Sisanie has a yard dilemma! Sis shared with Ryan Seacrest, Tanya Rad and Patty Rodriguez on-air on Monday, May 4, she wants to steal back her bougainvillea that has started to grow over to the neighbor's side.

Sisanie explained they had to trim back the beautiful plant because of a rat issue and now the flowers are growing only towards the neighbor’s.

“So they’re not growing in our yard,” Sis added. “I need to go and take back my bougainvillea … They’re my vines!”

Her plan?

“I’m going to dress up in all black tonight and I’m going to go and do it at night and wear gloves because they have all these thorns and I’m going to bring back my vines and zip-tie them to my pergola,” she shared.

Watch the video above to find out if Seacrest agrees with her plan and for more from the radio fam. What do you think Sisanie should do? Sound off on social with your own thoughts @OnAirWithRyan