Ryan Seacrest Shared a Dog-In-The-Pool Fact We Can't Unhear

Credit: Instagram

Even as we begin to emerge from the pandemic, there are still quite a few items in high demand right now. Ryan Seacrest and the gang previously talked about the boba shortage; furniture being delayed; etc. So, now what? Prices are also rising on cereal, detergent, diapers, and soda because of a shortage of raw materials and chlorine!

It is being called the worst chlorine shortage the country has ever seen because during the pandemic, demand for new pools went up 400%. Plus, a manufacturing facility in Louisiana burned down last summer and they will not be up and running again until next year. Chlorine prices have already doubled and experts say supply will likely run out completely.

While you can do things like converting to a saltwater pool (which is expensive) we couldn't get past this fact Seacrest also shared on-air: A dog in the pool is equivalent to 50 people.


Did you know this? Listen back to the convo @OnAirWithRyan