#CHICKENWARS: Who has the best Chicken Sandwich? Popeyes? Chick-Fil-A? KFC?


Said in my best YODA voice... "Begun... the Chicken Wars... have."

With POPEYE'S entrance to the CHICKEN SANDWICH GAME, we now have ourselves a full-blown battle royal to find who has the best CHICKEN SANDWICH!

Now, we've focused our polling on the three main CHICKEN fast food restaurants... and YES I KNOW there are more, and other regional places which aren't listed here... but between KFC, Chick-Fil-A and Popeyes... who do you think has the BEST chicken sandwich? Have you had the ones from all of the restaurants yet?

Take a second and vote in the poll below! And THANKS!

Now I'm hungry...

Toby Knapp

Toby Knapp

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