On Dadlife, Driver's Education and Daughters...

I clicked the button that said "REGISTER..." and that's when 15 years of memories started to run through my mind.

The first day Kyla came home from Tampa General. This lil' kiddo, with so much hope. Strapped into her baby seat in the back seat of my Hundayi Tiburon.

The first day she waddled over to me as a toddler with arms wide open to give me a hug.

The day we pushed a ball back and forth on the floor in South Carolina when she came back to stay with me... and I had no idea how to pull off being a single dad, miles away from family and friends.

Her first day of Kindergarten.

Her first day of Middle School.

Her first day of High School.

Her first "date" that I couldn't go on.

All of a sudden, I realized, again, that this little girl is growing up. She's a young woman... and wow, in the blink of an eye... everything changes.

That realization... caused me to feel so many things... anxious, some fear based on things I've experienced while driving... and then, excitement... because she's stepping into what is going to be the future... independence... the next turn on this road that is life.

I'm still not completely sure now how I feel about all of it... but it's probably just because, once again, as a dad, I'm experience something new...

... and that in itself is an adventure.

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers... and if you've experienced having a son or daughter learning to drive, I'm happy to hear any advice, thoughts, stories or whatnot that you want to send my way!

Thanks for reading... and buckle up. This story just keeps getting better!



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