Might I step into this word tonight? Like when you step into the middle of something at night... when you are walking the dog or in the middle of a slog or in the midst of an interpersonal slog?

A friend of mine is celebrating a birthday today and in a chat between us that 'kindred' word came up... a word which is different than many... which means much more when considered in context around most.

Kindred is more than a connection. Beyond a dalliance, and more real than a relationship.


That's a word hard to find today, right? I mean, if we're honest...


Has been since day one. From late night phone calls to weekend Zoom chats. Loyal.


Even when I might have disappeared for months, days, years... there.

And when we were "there" it was as if we'd never been apart.

There are people in your life you encounter who... just... make sense. In spite of senseless.

Who just are who they are... who get you... no matter what might come, no matter what may transpire... no matter where life may take us... and no matter what might divide us.

Beyond friends. Beyond family. Beyond relationships.

They are a new level of real... intimacy... and honesty.


That's kindred.

Happy Birthday, Kindred. I miss you and can't wait to see you... and your beautiful family... as soon as we can once again... soon...

... or whenever that may be.


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