#Parenting: These are things which got BETTER thru the #pandemic!

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It’s been a hard year for a lot of us and it’s been especially tough on parents. But there have been some silver linings, too. These are some of the things that actually got better for families during the pandemic.

● Outdoor playdates - Pre-COVID rainy days were mostly spent inside, but after being cooped up with kids at home, many parents were getting outside with their kiddos, no matter what the weather was. Bundling up in the cold was worth it to get a change of scenery and fresh air, even if it was just to the backyard.

● Timed entry to museums and zoos - This is a game-changer when you have kids! Limited crowds cut the stress of having to deal with lines and the worry you won’t be able to navigate a position up front to see the sloth, fish, or gorilla your tot is desperate to check out up close.

● Smaller class sizes - Lots of public schools had up to 30 kids in a classroom before the pandemic, so parents were happy to see fewer kids in classes as a result of changes to in-person learning. Anytime students get more individualized attention, it’s a win for learning.

● Virtual pediatrician appointments - Being able to schedule a Zoom doctor’s appointment for your kid for non-urgent issues has saved parents time and sanity this year. This is one change we hope can continue when this is all behind us!

● Virtual parent/teacher conferences and PTA meetings - Another big relief this year was not having to book a babysitter or even put on real pants to attend a meeting at your kid’s school. And the online meetings and conferences are just as productive as doing them face-to-face, plus we can cook dinner and do laundry at the same time.

● Fewer runny noses during cold and flu season - Thanks to mandatory mask-wearing and extra attention on handwashing, kids had fewer colds and cases of the flu this year.

● Work from home flexibility - Being able to work remotely was a huge life improvement for many parents. They had more time with their families, could be more spontaneous with their schedules, and didn’t have to deal with their dreaded commutes.