#ADOPT: Why are people RETURNING their RESCUE DOGS post PANDEMIC??



Why are people returning the fur-babies they adopted as we got into the Global Pandemic of the COVID-19?

Why are people deserting the pet-friends they gave fur-ever homes as we moved to work from home as we, as humans, got into this new work from home life of working from home during the pandemic?

What happened?


Is it because people are going back to work?

Is it because these fur-babies are too much to handle?

Were some too egotistical to believe they could handle a pet... only to find they didn't want the insta-accessory after a year?


I just don't get it. But people are returning their rescue pets to shelters and this just is not okay. And it, to me, says more about the ones who adopted these fur-babies... than about the fur-babies themselves.


I just don't get it.

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