William Marotta plans to fight back in court and says he may be a victim of bias against same-sex parenting.

The Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF) recently filed a child support claim against Marotta after the couple filed for state assistance this year, leading the department to demand they provide the donor’s name so it could collect.

DCF spokeswoman Angela de Rocha said the agency would not be pursuing payment if the state hadn't provided more than $6,000 in benefits for the child after the Topeka couple split. She says the state tries to establish a child's paternity when benefits are involved.

Marotta says he received notice in October that he was being targeted by state officials to pay child support after the couple — who parted ways in 2010 but still co-parent their eight children were ordered by DCF officials to provide the sperm donor’s name. State officials argued that if the women did not identify the donor, the agency would deny health benefits.

Bauer can no longer provide health benefits for the now 3-year-old girl because a “significant illness” has prevented her from working since March. The girl’s birth certificate lists no father, she told the newspaper, and only identifies Schreiner as the mother — as does the birth certificate for each of the couple’s remaining children.

Court records show that the sperm donor signed an agreement in 2009 giving up parental rights. The agreement also absolves Marotta of financial responsibility. The state contends the agreement isn't valid.