Britney Spears really loves being a mama to her little boys BUT she told InStyle that she really wants to have a lttle girl at some point so that would be like her mini-me.

She thinks having a little girl would make her not Feel as alone in the world anymore...she's going to feel like she has a second person that is her have a second person,"like, that’s me."

That doesnt make alot of sense but she did say thats being a mom you go through situations with your kids and you wonder if its normal or if its a phase and then you beat yourself up because you think you are supposed to know these things...but you have to remember you are human. The full interview hits stands tomorrow.


Kristen Stewart is the new spokesperson for Chanel 2013-14 line called Metiiers d Art Paris-Dallas and Monday she in Dallas at Fair Park posing for photos at the Chanel 'Metiers d'Art' Show. We hear she may have even smiled once.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are divorced there are rumors he will marry Mila Kunis any day now and they they may already be expecting a baby. All of that makes Demi Moore ill! She wants to move on so badly that she secretly sold the five-carat, emerald-cut diamond engagement ring that Ashton gave her to a consignment jeweler.

If youv'e ever needed a reason to stay home on New Years Eve, Ive got one for ya. Jane Lynch will cohost NBC's New Year's Eve show with Carson Daly. She is HILARIOUS!

Patty Stanger from Millionare Matchmaker will be on 1029 Now this afternoon with holiday dating tips.