The Things Guys Have Got To Stop Doing IMMEDIATELY

Before we get started, let us preface – this is not a whole segment on man bashing. On the contrary – it’s about man HELPING. A Reddit feed was started by women about all the things men should stop doing IMMEDIATELY, including:

Stop sending junk pics. No, just no.

Stop spreading your legs and taking up TWO seats on the bus / train / plane / WHEREVER.

Stop catcalling. It’s lewd, creepy, and do you honestly think it’s gonna work?

Stop grinding your junk up on me in the club.

Stop spitting in public. Or shooting snot rockets. VOM.

Also…stop saying we’re cute when we get mad / passionate.

Stop blaming any anger on “that time of the month.”

Stop telling us to smile all the time.

[H/T Cosmopolitan]