There’s an app that can make your selfie look skinnier – up to 15 pounds skinnier (so it claims). The $.99 SkinneePix app lets you take your picture, then choose an option of looking 5, 10, or 15 pounds “skinnier,” predominantly by taking in your chin and cheek area.

The Huffington Post talked to the app creator about the inspiration for the app:

All we heard people say was ‘delete that, don’t you dare tag me in that, this is horrible.’ After the last vacation, we were like we can do something about this,” Green told The Huffington Post. “You’ve always heard about the camera adding 15 pounds, we just wanted to level the playing field.

So…is this a smart way to lightly photoshop a selfie or just totally reinforcing the change-yourself-to-be-skinny ideal?

Cassie Before:

Cassie SkinneePix Before

Cassie After:

Ps. Sick cheek bones. Not.


Cassie SkinneePix After

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